The Pygmy Forest is a unique type of woodland found just a few miles inland from the Mendocino County coastline in Northern California. It is not a single forest but a scattered group of small areas consisting of thickets of stunted cypress and pine trees growing slowly on ancient, uplifted marine-cut terraces. Follow along as I try to explain this rare natural phenomena in as many different ways as possible. The pygmy Forest is one of nature's secret treasures, long admired by scientists, nature lovers, students and explorers.

After living in the pygmy forest for most of my life it's amazing how many things there are to learn about it. In the following months, or years, I intend to ask and answer as many pygmy forest questions as I possibly can and to share that work with anyone who might be interested. Lottie's Blog is how I intend to share it! Simply put, Lottie's Blog is the story of the pygmy forest. Lottie's Blog - April, 2016

Take an old fashioned internet tour of this little 5 acre pygmy forest gem that has been all but forgotten since it was dedicated and donated to California's Van Damme State Park in 1969 by California Garden Clubs, Inc.

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