Lottie's Latest: 9/10/2016: The story of "Find The Magic; rediscovering our pygmy forests".

What is Lottie's Blog?

After living in the pygmy forest for most of my life it's amazing how much there remains to learn about it. In the following months, or years, I intend to ask and answer as many pygmy forest questions as I possibly can and to share that work with anyone who might be interested. Lottie's Blog is how I intend to share it! Simply put, Lottie's Blog is the story of the pygmy forest.

Pygmy Forest Picture
Bolander and Bishop Pine Trees Side By Side

Who, What, When, Where and Why, the five universal W's of crime solving, strike me as a pretty obvious line of questions to try to answer before I put this subject to rest and continue living the contented life of a retired American minion. I want to try to separate fact from fiction because I have heard a lot of things about the pygmy forest from knowledgable people who don't remember where they heard it to begin with. A good example of that is the often told story that the Indians, or early white settlers (depending on which version is being told) regularly burned the pygmy forest to improve the huckleberry harvest. This story has been widely accepted as true by almost every expert I have ever talked to about the pygmy forest. It is written as fact in many documents but I am skeptical because I've never seen a first hand account of these periodic fires. Perhaps I'll ascertain the validity of this and perhaps not but I will look hard and tell what I discover in Lottie's Pygmy Forest Blog.


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