Time-line of Horticulturist Charlotte M. Hoak

1834:Newman Hoak is born to Thomas & Hannah Hoak of Waldoboro, Maine

1850:Newman Hoak goes to sea

1862: Newman Arrives in Comptche from San Francisco

Oct. 9, 1870: Newman Hoak marries Lizzy Hatch

1871: Land granted to Newman Hoak

Oct. 24, 1874: Lottie Hoak was born

1875: 2nd land Grant to Newman Hoak

June 14, 1877: Alice Hoak is born.

1877: Newman Opened a post Office on his homestead

1879: Lottie remembers asking her mother for a rose of her own.

May 21, 1879: Carrie Hoak is born.

1880: Mary Sukeforth in Comptche, living on Hoak Ranch.

1881: Newman working hard on Albion River

April 23, 1883: Lizzy Hoak died.

1883: Newman Hoak shows off his apples.

Aug. 15,1883: Newman finds a new wife and remarries in Mendocino County

1890: Lottie moved to San Jose to study.

1891: Newman entered his fruit in the State Fair.

1895: Lottie teaches in Comptche

1896: Charlotte graduates from Normal School'

1900: Charlotte graduated form University of California.

Oct. 3, 1901: Carrie Hoak marries Melvyn McIntyre

1902: Newman sold his ranch Mr. Batty.

June, 1902: Charlotte now teaches at Mendocino High School.

1903: Charlotte is back in Berkeley.

Charlotte is recognised by the U.C. Regents for her contributions to the University Herbarium

March 5, 1906: Newman bought property in San Francisco.

1906: Newman and Alice Hoak joined Charlotte.

1906: Charlotte moved to Los Angeles.

1907: Charlotte teaches at the Hayslett School.

May 1908: Article, "Present Needs and the Outlook for Nature Study in California"

June 23, 1908: Charlotte became the principal of the Broadway School.

Sept. 1908: Article, "Interesting Desert Forms of Plant Life"

1909: articles, "Strange Living Fences and Hedges", "The Old Man Cactus"

1909: Credited by Willis Linn Jepson for contributions to his work.

June 8, 1909: Another class of Charlotte's students graduate from Broadway School.

April 4, 1910: Charlotte speaks in Los Angeles at the Jewish Women's Hall.

1910,"In addition I have recieved material and notes from...;Miss Charlotte Hoak, Los Angeles;

1910: Newman & Mary Hoak live in Chico with Carrie & Melvyn McIntyre.

Feb 13, 1912: Alice Hoak marries Richard Goodrich in Chico.

1912: Appointed supervisor of Horticulter and Gardening (Journal of Education, Volumes 75-76 )

1913: Recognized for contribution to U. C. Herbarium.

April 9, 1913: Mary Hoak died in Talmage.

1915: Listed for her article, "Present Needs and the Outlook for Nature-Study in California. "

Aug 28, 1915: Newman dies.

Oct. 1, 1915: Charlotte tries to start the 'Mothercraft Club' in Los Angeles.

Jan 13, 1916: Charlotte published several articles in a magazine called, 'The California Cultivator'.

1919: Elementary Agriculture teacher at El Sereno (2 days per week) and Lockwood (3 days per week)

1921: Charlotte's neice, Muriel McIntyre, is in High School in Chico.

1922: Listed in Who's Who Among the Women of California

1923: Teaching in Los Angeles

1927: Teaching in Los Angeles

April 2, 1928: Charlotte helps with plant survey in Birtch Park in Santa Ana.

1932: Charlotte makes a visit to her old homestead.

1932: Article in "Desert", Cactus, Volume 4, 1932; (magazine)

1932: Article in "Desert" Volume 4-6, 1932, Desert Plant Life.

1932: Charlotte Hoak is first editor of the new 'Golden Gardens' magazine.

Oct. 20, 1933: Charlotte spoke at the California Garden Club meeting in Monterey.

Jan, 1934: Charlotte spoke at the California Garden Club Federation meeting.

April 13, 1935: Charlotte spoke at Arcadia Garden Club meeting.

Nov. 1, 1935: Charlotte spoke at Garden Clubs Federation in Fresno.

1939: Charlotte visits Comptche.

March 24, 1940: Charlotte speaks in Klamath Oregon to Klamath Women's Library Club.

April 22, 1941: Charlotte speaks in Pheonix at Federated Garden Clubs regional meeting.

1941: Charlotte's friends include John Muir, John Burroughs, Alice Eastwood and Elvinea Slosson.

June 7, 1942: Charlotte lectures at the Redlands Horticulture Society.

Oct. 8, 1943: Charlotte lectures for Bakersfield teachers.

Charlotte M. Hoak, Editorial Board, The National Gardener

Feb. 15, 1950: Charlotte spoke, as the chairman of roadside development of CGCI, in San Francisco

Sept. 13, 1950: Charlotte lectures on conservation in Ukiah

1951: Charlotte informs Garden Club of need to preserve Pygmy Forest

1951: Article, "We Grow Roses in California" by Charlotte Hoak

1951: I announce the appointment of Miss Charlotte M. hoak as Director of the Clayton M. Kelley Research Department

1953: By Charlotte M. Hoak, Now is the time for all of us to prepare for the annual Camellia Show. We hope to exceed the high..."

Feb., 1954: Charlotte writes an article for 'Camellia Review'.

Nov. 6, 1954: Charlotte writes column for the Mendocino Beacon about her Father's Ranch in Comptche.

Charlotte's father planted Redwood trees on her birthday.

Sept. 17, 1955: Charlotte visits in Fort Bragg.

Nov. 14, 1955: Charlotte helps commorate a tree at Brookside park in Pasadena.

1956: Charlotte recieves Eva Kenworthy Grey Award from the American Begonia Society

April 15, 1956: Charlotte wins flower arrainging award at CGCI flower show at May Co.'s auditorium.

Nov. 29, 1956: Charlotte speaks at a day long CGCI meeting on the future of Sam Bernardino County.

1957: Charlotte wrote a weekly gardening column, "Our Wonderful Southland" for the Pasadena Independent Star News.

Jan. 22, 1958: Charlotte inaugurated a junior gardening club in conjunction with the Bulb Society in South Pasadena.

1958: 'Our Wonderful Southland' is a big hit throughout Pasadena.

Oct. 22, 1961: Arboretum Garden Club will host Charlotte at a luncheon meeting where she will celebrate her 87th birthday.

Oct. 25, 1966: Charlotte named "The Lady of Horticulture" by Golden Gardens Magazine.

Oct. 28, 1966: Elsa Thompson notified that Charlotte is in Braewood Sanitarium in South Pasadena.

Charlotte is mentioned 7 times by International Geranium Society

1967: Charlotte M. Hoak died at 94 years.

Oct. 24, 1968: Charlotte honored at Arboretum Carden Club meeting in Arcadia.

Sept. 29, 1969: Charlotte M. Hoak Pygmy Forest is dedicated by CGCI.

1973: Charlotte honored at Begonia Society.

1973: Sept.: Carrie McIntyre died in San Louis Obispo.

2015: Joshua Lowell takes up the reconstruction of easily available history of Charlotte Hoak.

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